NAMC seeks to highlight Nigerian culture in Houston and expand the cultural awareness of Nigerians in Houston. We seek to showcase the great and diverse cultures of Nigeria.

NAMC’s model is to partner with existing organizations where possible and leverage the combined forces. If you know of an organization currently working in this area please contact NAMC at and NAMC will seek to co-program where possible.

Language Lessons

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It is currently estimated that there are over 500 languages in Nigeria (Source – University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria).

NAMC seeks to provide lessons in the 3 most widely spoken languages. Hausa is predominantly spoken in Northern Nigerian; Igbo is the prevailing language in Eastern Nigeria; and Yoruba is the majority language in Western Nigeria.

NAMC plans to offer demand based weekly classes at beginner and intermediate levels.  Classes will be grouped by age to facilitate the different learning needs.

Cooking Classes

NAMC has partnered with a local restaurant to host monthly cooking classes teaching cuisine from the different Nigerian ethnic groups. The cooking classes will be held on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 12:00 noon.

The classes will be led by their head cook and will feature special guest cooks on occasion. Classes will be for a fee. This event is open to the general public.

Book Club

The purpose of the NAMC book club is to read and enjoy literary works by Nigerian authors, poets, play-wrights. Meetings will be Bi-Monthly to discuss an assigned book. Meetings will be at designated venues as agreed by the members. It is open to the general public.


NAMC’s goal is to serve as a cultural bridge between the cultures of Nigeria and the United States of America.